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Stronger stories in less time.


develop your creative with far greater efficiency

Organizing your research, developing your story, and presenting to your client should all happen within the same tool. With Storybuilder, your team can work together to choose the right people for your film, clarify the purpose, and develop the story structure.


Keep your team and clients connected to the creative vision

Quickly get every person of your crew up to speed on the purpose of a project, the people in your film, and your story structure. Invite collaborators to the story and with just the click of a button, export any milestone to a PDF to present to your client.


increase the intent, decrease the guessing

Storybuilder helps you to see what you may have otherwise missed. By defining all of your story elements in advance, you'll find yourself going deeper and asking more questions.

Avoid finding the story in post by becoming empowered to create with incredible intent. Shoot less, yet get far more out of each shot because everything has a clear purpose.


“Storybuilder is going to change the way you tell stories. Its going to force you to be a better story teller.”

Stephen Caserta  |  filmmaker


We currently offer the following Story Templates:

  • Small Business Origin Story
  • Small Business Case Study
  • Production Explainer
  • Service Promotion
  • Nonprofit Impact Story
  • Nonprofit Origin Story
  • Kickstarter Video
  • Beginner Story Training
  • Story-Driven Product Explainer
  • A Brand Story
  • Traditional Corporate Training Video
  • Traditional Product Explainer
  • A 30-60 Second Commercial 
  • My Story

Over 20+ Story Templates

Start with a story template and get step-by-step guidance on how to build your next great story.

Get time estimates for each step, track your progress as you build, and have every step customized to the type of story you're telling.


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