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empowering filmmakers to develop their creative with more intent


Developed by the 5-time Emmy Award-Winning Stillmotion Team


How Storybuilder Helps You Develop Your Creative


all your notes, all your research, in one connected place

Attach images from a scout, upload audio from a pre-interview, and potential characters and plot points. Keep all of your ideas organized and connected. And when you're ready, bring them all together into one strong story right inside the app (and export to a storyboard PDF!) 


a clear process for keeping your client informed every step of the way

Storybuilder helps you work through three main creative milestones; defining the objective, choosing the characters, and building the story structure. The app helps you develop each milestone in a clear and intentional way. When you're ready, export to a PDF and share it with your client and other key stakeholders.


leverage story templates for a quick leg up

With over 20 story templates–from a brand story to a Kickstarter video–start with clear direction on where to look, what to ask, and the steps you need to go through to develop a powerful story for just the right use.


“Storybuilder is going to change the way you tell stories. Its going to force you to be a better story teller.”

Stephen Caserta  |  filmmaker


Developed By A Passionate Team of Filmmakers + Storytellers


We set out to solve a story problem.

As active filmmakers, we were fed up with how much people talked about story, yet there was nothing out there to actually help you build a strong one. We set out to change that.

We're 5 time Emmy-Award winners.

We're not ones to brag, but we do want you to know that as filmmakers, we know what we're doing. We've developed Storybuilder to be the tool we need for each and every shoot.

We're rather obsessed with story.

We've spent years diving deep into the research of how and why story works. We've spoken at the United Nations, InBound, and Tedx. We've collaborated with brands like Canon, Vimeo, and YouTube.


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